Fleet Overview

The Fleet currently consists of the following:

  • 75 tri-axle vehicles
  • 80 semi-trailers

Our trailers are twin-evaporator, split compartment for dual temperature running environments. All are rated at 44-tonne GVW Including the following;

  • 2 six-wheel rigid vehicles at 24-tonne GVW
  • 5 four-wheel rigid vehicles at 7.5-tonne GVW
  • 4 Mercedes Sprinter vans
  • 2 rear-axle steering semi-trailers

All used for deliveries in London and other urban areas, including collections from sites with difficult access.

All our vehicles are Satellite tracked by Navman Wireless, tracking includes 2-way information flow between cab and transport management systems.

All vehicles operate the latest performance management systems to ensure best practices are achieved in safe and efficient driving.