Information Technology Systems And ReportingSystem Overview

Our IT System infrastructure provides a customised suite of Warehouse (WMS), Transportation, (TMS), EDI and reporting systems to control and record all stock management, continuous temperature control, vehicle tracking and monitoring systems, and movements before receipt and after despatch.

EDI / Customer Integration

Our systems comprise of a combined suite of TMS / WMS and EDI systems. This enables our clients to post receipt pre-advice and picking orders on-demand, and to return a variety of outbound interfaces including despatch advice, stock-holding snapshots, and receipt confirmation. The system also promotes a unique notification system to alert users of potential order amendments so they can be detected prior to picking and load planning.

Warehouse Temperature Control

Warehouse temperature control is managed by our HACCP Team through our complete warehouse temperature control system, this features digital thermographs, automated alert and continuous monitoring system  to ensure our temperature regimes meet customer and statutory requirements.

Stock rotation

Our Warehouse Management System provides our clients with the controls to manage the strict expiry date/lot number rotation rules necessary for the safe movement of perishable food products.  These controls were designed specifically to suit our operation and client base to ensure optimal performance.

Radio Frequency

Using a combination of truck-mounted and handheld RF devices, our system record receipt, picking, internal stock movements, quarantine controls, and also capture despatched product weights, all in real-time.  In addition, customer bar codes are scanned on receipt of goods to further increase operational performances.

Fleet Technology

Our fleet is equipped with leading edge technology vehicle and trailer tracking and monitoring systems.  These provide GPS information, live location updates, temperature monitoring information for our customer service and planning teams.  Trailer temperatures are monitored and recorded continuously across our fleet with live remote access to our customer services as part of our HACCP System.

SSCC Barcode

Pallet traceability is enhanced with the use of ASN and SKU level SSCC recording and tracking on each delivery using our clients own range of SSCC number, ensuring integrity of products at all times.

Transactional History

All stock movements into, within, and out of our warehouses are recorded, capturing high level of detail in order to track and trace the life-cycle of each item we stock.  Detailed historical information is subsequently available in a report format which helps facilitate on-demand audits,  RH&D, and also monitoring service levels.

Consignment Status

Onboard terminals allow our drivers to update consignment delivery status, with information automatically uploaded to our Transport Management System.

On-Line Access and Reporting

Our online reporting system provides an easy to use live reporting system for all our clients.  With information from receipt of product, specific data analysis from information-rich reports, through proof of delivery, clients are able to use this management tool to have full visibility and control of their products.