Reporting ServicesWe offer a full range of reporting services to customers, both internal system located reports as well as our external reporting website.

Online Reporting

Our online reporting feature is accessed via our hosted website as displayed in the menu above, and contains a host of reporting features, these include:» Best Before End » Inventory Holding Reports Inventory Transaction Totals
Total Picks
Total Picks by SKU
Inventory At Risk (Long, Medium, Short)
POD’s from deliveries
Delivery on Time

Internal Reporting

Our internal reporting services offer a wider range of reports including historic archived reporting. These internal reports can be requested on demand from our customer services team, they can be scheduled and emailed and be modified/customised to suit your needs.

Customisation / Integration

Bar our online reporting, all our internal reports can be tailored to meet customer requirements, whether used for account, accuracy or stock management purposes. New reports based on existing reports with features either added or removed can be created as well through our development team that created our TMS and WMS systems. For further information please see the “IT Integrations” page.

Reports can be accessed online via secure login or auto-generated to send overnight via email.